Monday, February 8, 2010

Social Media In the Super Bowl

Every year, the Super Bowl means one thing for many Americans.  A renewed interest in television advertising.  Today, everyone is ranking their favorite ads.  People across the country are blogging about the ones that caught attention (Hello Betty White) and the ones that fell flat (Hello Men Without Pants). 

One thing you didn't see a lot of was social media.  But oh yes, it was there, bubbling under the surface, supporting every ad and brand.

1. For instance, "Man Crunch," the gay dating site that got punted off the superbowl got plenty of publicity.  It also got tons of views on YouTube.

2. Similarly, when GoDaddy's ad was banned, the company smiled and put "Lola" up online.  They get the publicity, the views, and they still had two spots on the multiple screens in every sports bar.  Who cares if you can't hear that message.

3. Several companies are using social media to tie into their super bowl investment.  Coca-cola's live positively spot goes along with a facebook page.  Budweiser used Facebook to allow their fans to pick the spots they most wanted to see on the big game.  And Monster has it's super ad supported by the site fiddle a friend.

4. What's really interesting, is the typical Super Bowl advertisers that didn't do ads, but relied more on social media to carry their brand.  Target this year got in on the Super Bowl action of facebook with its Super Love Sender. Pepsi, another Super Bowl regular, opted to spend it's $20 million on a social media campaign called Refresh Everything rather than on 30 seconds.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed the game, the commercials and the social media.  Geaux Saints.

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