Thursday, February 25, 2010

Olympian Lindsey Vonn Won't Break The Blogging Rules

When anyone puts rules on social media it gets confusing.

Wired magazine reported that ski superstar Vonn won't touch her blog or tweet because of rule violations. It's all a big misunderstanding--sort of. 

Vonn wrote on Facebook "because of the Olympic rules I will not be able to post any updates from now until march 3rd. Sorry, it bums me out too!"

The Olympians have been told about rules in which they must only blog and tweet about their experiences. It's all due to a rule that states that only credentialed journalists can report on the games. They define reporting on the games as reporting on other's experiences. Yet, with social media, we're all reporters. There have been some great blogs and tweets from the olympics.  You can see them on NBC's website among other places.  I love the fact that you can actually get a sense of who these Olympians are first hand. 

Apolo Ohno has some good ones:
"Was my last training in these Olympics. 1 more day! Yes!!!! I'm in the zone. Call me Mr. 25/8"
Ben Agosto also gives us more of a first hand look into his mind:
"The twi-drought is over!!!! Vancouver is AMAZING!! When I used to dream of my perfect olympic skate, it didnt live up to how I felt on mon"

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