Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blogging at the Winter Olympics

The new W2 social media center just opened in Vancouver yesterday to broadcast the olympics over your computer.  The plan is to have the building produce independent reports 24-7 webcast through its satellite distribution system, digital media labs, and a TV studio.  W2 will be the first ever social media center created to help non-accredited media journalists and bloggers cover the Olympics.  Pretty cool. 

Press briefings have been scheduled and media outlets such as CNN iReport, CFRO Radio, 24 Hours, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Observer, The Tyee,, will use the W2 complex, as well as bloggers from the UK, Norway, USA, Japan, and the Netherlands. W2 is also providing subsidies to Downtown Eastside community media looking to cover the games from their own perspective.

After the games the center will continue to be used as a social media outlet.  It will become an incubator for dozens of those crazy Canadian bloggers. 

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