Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Army Strong Stories

Specialist Warren Andrews is building a school in Iraq one week and spotting anti-tank mines the next. Staff Sgt. Deshawn Browne is taking recruits through marksmanship training right now. Captain Jared Auchey is the commander of the Army Experience Center at a Pennsylvania mall.

How do I know? They are all blogging at Army Strong Stories, the Army's social media site. There are a ton of unofficial soldier blogs out there telling the military's story. The Army, however, has decided to present themselves in a very honest way (misspelling and all).

What's interesting is when you think of all the companies that are affraid of social marketing because of what might be said, I would think of the Army as the most controversial. Yet, they are willing to let their soldiers tell it how they see it and deal with any comments as they come in.

I hope more companies will be as brave as the Army.

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