Sunday, August 9, 2009

Online Dating For Businesses

As a business, if you’re looking to meet new people, might I suggest online dating. Like the dating sites, eHarmony,, YahooPersonals, social media can work as a page for consumers and clients to find out more about your personality than a normal corporate web page.

Singles search for mates, much like consumers and companies search for brands. They peruse the profiles. Who are these people? What is their personality like? If I go out with them, what do they have to offer: humor, an interesting background, taste, or intrigue. Most important, are they like me?

Look at Graco? Graco is a company that makes strollers, cribs and other baby and toddler supplies. It’s a category where new parents compare and contrast all the competitors, wanting the best for their kids. They started a blog to court these consumers. gives parents not only information about being a good parent, but shows the caring personality of the brand. It worked like any good profile, people related to it and it instilled trust. From this they’ve received over 55,000 visitors, inspired 2,000 comments, tons of mom blogs talking about them, and online parties with over 150 people attending each time. Every comment, blog statements, and party statement has been positive.

Of course, online dating online has it’s pitfalls. I’ve heard the stories of the pictures from 10 years ago. There are not-so-slight exaggerations when it comes to height, weight, hair, etc. that have people screening their calls the next day. Brands can learn from this as well, if people find you’re not honest, they’ll never go out with you again... and they’ll tell all their friends.


markbrooks said...

Many people 'fib' on dating sites. The white lies are part of the territory that is online dating. Bits its a shame. Lying is no way to start a relationship.

David Cohen said...

Couldn't agree with you more. I think, however, there are tough situations when it's hard to be honest. Say it's a criticism, or a horrible review. It's harder to own up to the shortcoming and be honest. It's also incredibly important.