Monday, January 16, 2012

Trial by technology OR the frustrations of set-up

Technology is growing leaps and bounds daily. It's amazing to see. It's fun to experience. It's brutal to set some of it up.

So much of technology is trial and error. These days training is rare and to learn the tricks of the trade, many times, you just have to dive into the trade. It's not easy. Tonight, I've spent an hour trying to get a RSS feed to automate. The software doesn't seem to want to accept the feed URL. Not easy. Yet, once I get it to work, every part of this business' social program will update once the blog is updated.

The answer is I keep working at it, learning as I go.  I look up references. I ask friends and mentors. I experiment. Success will be sweet. Until then, I just have to deal with the bitter taste of defeat. Once I learn from my mistakes, the next time around will be a breeze.

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