Friday, January 6, 2012

My Social Media Resolutions

1. I will post more. This is a given every year.
2. I will read more about new trends. This one goes along with...
3. I will use to aggregate all my RSS feeds and save some time. I need to know more about their tools
3. I will try to create better content that drives traffic.
4. I will discover and use at least one new social media site.
5. I won't rely on the "5 best" types of posts that EVERYONE uses on their blog.
6. I will retweet more.
7. I will redo my website. I also say this every year.
8. I will change up the podcasts I listen to and maybe even create more audio and video files for this blog.

That's enough for now.  I'm already exhausted.  Happy 2012 everyone.

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