Tuesday, December 14, 2010

LinkedIn No-Nos

In every field there is jargon that everyone says, but seems so unnatural outside that realm. Corporate America is full of them. I hate when things are "socialized," "run up the flag pole," or "gone through the approval process."  And whever uses "drink the Kool-aid," just stop.  LinkedIn has just released the "Top 10 overused buzzwords" used in profiles.
Among the 85 million profiles on LinkedIn in the U.S., the most overused buzzwords are:
Extensive experience (But it's so alliterative!)

Innovative (Jonas Salk was innovative, not you)

Motivated (If you have to tell someone you're motivated...)

Results-oriented (i.e., you consider the means to those ends...ahem..."flexible".)

Dynamic (Let me be the judge of that.)

Proven track record (Use this AND "extensive experience" in the same profile, and I will hunt you down.)

Team player (Which means you're not.)

Fast-paced (If that includes talking fast, pass.)

Problem solver (Are you suggesting my company has a problem that needs solving?)

Entrepreneurial (Rube Goldberg was also entrepreneurial...)

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