Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friendster or Foester

Companies today are not only skeptical of what social media can do for them, but also fear what it can do against them. In his book, Annatomy of Buzz Revisited, Emanuel Rosen talks about the word of mouth on the street, but it can be applied to online forums, blogs, podcasts and updates on the social media sites as well.

It’s useful to think about four groups of people: experience-based promoters (“I tried it. It’s great.”), experience-based detractors (“I tried it. It sucks”), secondhand promoters (“Jeff says its great”), and secondhand detractors (“Joe says it sucks”).

The goal is to maximize the number of experience-based positive comments. Why? because research shows that these comments are more likely to bring sales. And that’s why some of the triggers that I described in the first chapter are so important--you create reminders so that people who had a positive experience with your brand talk about it more.

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