Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greeting Card Marketing

You walk to your mailbox.  You open it up for the normal fodder, bill, bill, direct mail, direct mail.  Wait, there's something actually handwritten and in that square card envelope.  Who doesn't open that first.  As much as I've written about social media, email marketing and fast database solutions, I thought as the holidays approach, this time I'm going old school.

Greeting Cards to your clients, vendors and family get opened and if their good, even put up somewhere in the office or break room.  The key is to be different.  Don't go with the sappy, script over flowers card (unless it's so bad you can make it a joke).  Instead, try humor or something personal.

Also, try different holidays for greeting cards.  Everyone sends cards around December.  These are appreciated but how about the other holidays.

Client birthdays - If you happen to know the birthday of your main contact at a client's company, be sure to put it on your calendar. Unlike major holidays, which are the same every year, it takes a little work to remember a client's birthday. Acknowledging the day with a card is a thoughtful gesture that your client will be sure to appreciate.

Thanksgiving - What better time to let a client know that you are thankful for their business, than at Thanksgiving? These cards don't have to be anything fancy -- just a high-quality, professional-looking card and a short, handwritten note letting your client know that you appreciate their continued business.

Fourth of July - Independence Day makes a great middle-of-the-year excuse to send out greeting cards to clients, but feel free to pick another summer holiday if you'd prefer. Inside the card, you can say you hope their summer is going well, and let them know that you are available for summer projects. Since some people take off or reduce their hours during the summer, this can be a valuable way to remind your clients that you are still open for business.

I have sent cards on Valentines Day that say "I love my clients."  It's just a fun way to get their attention. Even people who hate the holiday get the joke.

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